Natural Silk scarf hand painted. 75 x 75 cm .Exclusive. Orange, Green, Blue

Natural Silk scarf hand painted. 75 x 75 cm .Exclusive. Orange, Green, Blue


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Silk scarf 75 x 75 cm hand painted completely manually. Handmade. Exclusivity and elegance. Natural silk 100%. Elegant and exclusive. Only one of each model Performed. You will not find another like it

You can use it as a supplement in special moments: weddings, parties ... or as an accessory distinction in your day to day.

Take him put and enjoy this artwork. Their craft is a perfect complement finishes to Enhance your personality and elegance to your everyday and special events in fashion.

Each scarf has a unique and exclusive design. A combination of subtle and special colors Depending on the subject.

This particularly has drawn freehand town of Sitges a special place in Spain.

Made with a harmonious range orange, turquoise, brown and black, purple, red To have an easy autumnal combination.

It is very comfortable and soft to tacto.Por its size 75x 75 cm can I wear it in many different ways; head, shoulders, around the neck or as a complement to the waist.

100% Natural Silk Silk: Delicate and soft. vaporous very fine texture is very sensuous movements. Brightness and elegance.

These qualities make it very suitable for any time of year.

square cut - 75 x 75 cm

limited handicraft production. Done at Madrid.

Watch out

- Hand wash With PH neutral products.
- Should be done by Drying Extending the tissue Between two towels.
- Ironed always wet. Low temperature.

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