Natural Silk Scarf 65 x 65 cm. Monet Lake

Natural Silk Scarf 65 x 65 cm. Monet Lake


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"Lake Monet" Silk scarf hand painted 65 x 65 cm. Inspired by Impressionists painters.

If you want a corner of any picture that you like me can order.

The square scarf, is painted on silk, with a weight of 5. It has a brightness and a special texture, including elegant fall.

They are unique no equal paints. Only becomes one.

You can use it both as a cravat to wear a special accessory, as an ornament in her hair.

It is painted like a canvas but that canvas becomes a garment that can use both special occasions and daily to cover the neck. Its texture and quality of the silk creates a pleasant heat that you can feel in the neck or shoulders.

It can also be used as picture framing

The setting process is by steam from a specific machinery for this, so the colors do not move when washing. It should be washed by hand with mild soap. Put it in a bowl with very mild soap and water, rinse and leave 4 minutes not drain, place it between some towels to dry as much as possible and "ironing boards in temperature Seda.